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Lantrack 1200 Vsat Trailer Superior Performance In All Conditions


Lansat Pty Ltd, has been successfully integrating manual and automatic acquisition Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) equipment with specialized high-end off road trailer concepts since 2005. Our mobile satellite vsat trailers are designed from the ground up to withstand the harshest environments providing a truly go anywhere communications solution to suit a variety of applications and industries.

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The present LanTrack 1200 Satellite Vsat Trailer leverages on our previous designs and experience, with improvements and customizations on requests from our customers. We continue to use the same proven hot dip galvanized chassis and MC2 Asymmetric Link Suspension (MC2-ALS) platform which has a proven track record in unforgiving environments.
MC2 (Mobility Category 2) is a military specification defining off road mobility rating for vehicles. Ratings range from MC1 to MC4, with MC2 being the highest rating applicable for non powered vehicles. No other communications trailer can claim this level of chassis performance. MC2-ALS, ensures a superior ride quality, providing protection for sensitive equipment during transit to enable traversal through challenging environments.
Trailer Features:
• Track MC2 Specification Asymmetric Link suspension with 250mm wheel travel and self steering geometry.
• Rigid torque tube construction chassis - hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion.
• CAD designed, CNC manufactured metal components with riveted assembly.
• Powder coated body constructed from aluminum and galvanized steel.
• Ability to match wheels and tyres to the intended tow vehicle.
• Off-road modified adjustable electric drum brakes with hand brake.
• DO-35 Fully articulated coupling.
• Integrated 12RU slide out equipment rack for customer communications equipment
• Fully automatic 240VAC Mains/Invertor/Battery changeover switching.
• Integrated 240VAC inverter.
• Multiple battery configuration options (2-6 x 105AH) AGM low maintenance batteries
• Optional Onboard generator for extended run time.
• Optional Air Conditioning for protection of equipment in extreme conditions.
• Front storage lockers are double skinned to protect the contents from heat sand and water ingress.
• Angled stone shields to protect tow vehicle from ricocheting stones.
• LED tail, side marker and front box internal lights, with an external work light in the tray.
• Integrated side step to allow for easy access when performing maintenance.
• A Vinyl tonneau cover over satellite bed and drawbar to protect equipment.
• Compression style locks for superior dust sealing.
• Spare wheel mounting under the chassis.
• Storage for 2x 20L jerry cans.
• Water Bungs to allow complete washout of unit according to environmental compliance requirements.
• Australian Mine spec compliant marking & electrical certification & tagging available.
The Cobham TracStar MVS1200 1.2m Ku band auto acquisition antenna system provides best in class performance, reliability, ease of use and market leading acquisition technology – all done with the touch of a button by non technical personnel. Cobham is a leader and innovator in aerospace, with the MVS 1200 widely used throughout many demanding market sectors including military, emergency response, mining, broadcast and Telco segments. The patented Roto-Lock® cable drive system ensures continual reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions – especially dusty environments. Numerous satellite modems are supported including iDirect and Gilat, along with DirectPoint® satellite acquisition.
The MVS-1200 supports a wide range of BUC sizes depending on your network requirements and complies with all major satellite service provider technical specifications providing a vendor independent solution allowing flexibility. Have your own preference for satellite modem, LNB or BUC? No problem. Our service provider independence allows our customers to provide their own satellite modems, LNB’s and BUC’s allowing configuration and commissioning during the build process along with the ability to pre build equipment into the rack such as networking equipment or UPS devices.
TracStar MVS 1200 Features:
• Automatic satellite acquisition and stowing with one button operation.
• Patented RotoLock® drive system ensuring long term reliability and acquisition performance.
• Rapid deployment and operation Ku-band satellites with service footprints over Australia or country of service requirement.
• Works with the majority of current VSAT modems including support for DirectPoint®